While working on your body, we ensure that it is given aid both internally and externally. We take a complete history of yours as the first step towards healing your body is to understand it closely. Our customized therapies are accompanied with dietary guidance that will help replenish the nutrients and minerals in your body and restore it to perfect condition. It is our belief that once the body is healthy from within, external therapies yield faster results that will stay with you for good.


When you attend the counselling sessions that go along with our therapies, you will come to have a better understanding of your body and how to look after it. When your body begins to feel healthy, you will realise that you are in a happier state of mind. The ‘prana’ or ‘vital force’ is stronger in a well-maintained body and it helps in keeping your mind healthier and happier.


has an ambience that is conducive to healing, be it the earthy décor or the seamless melodic music playing in the background that will soothe your mind and rejuvenate your soul. A healthy body and a calm mind will make you confident of yourself and give you a positive attitude. This will help in peeling layers off your soul and will make you feel lighter and more comfortable in your natural form. Your true self, free from any complexes or burdens, will begin to emerge.

Bespoke Rejuvination

Ever since I was a child, I had a keen interest in wellness. I was always eager to learn simple household remedies that could heal our bodies naturally from the experienced ladies of our family and our neighbourhood. This was traditional knowledge, that had been passed down several generations before it was given to me. From that point onwards, I had made up my mind about undertaking thorough research and learning how to put together different combinations of natural herbs and essential oils that help keep our body healthy, both internally and externally. Over the years, I have amassed great knowledge from research and experimentation. I believe it is now my time to share my learnings with people and help make their lives better. came into existence from this very belief. Whenever I take on a new client, I take a detailed history of their general health and lifestyle. This helps me in understanding their body much better before I prescribe any of our treatment to them.

We at believe in customizing our therapies for you so that we can give you exactly what your body needs rather than beating around the bush. I believe in all schools of medicine, be it allopathy, homeopathy or any other form of alternative medicine. However, it is important to understand that allopathy is for immediate relief in an emergency. Naturopathy, on the other hand, is a lifestyle based on regularly caring for your body and giving it what it needs to maintain your health and natural beauty. I have observed that most alternative therapies or treatments, provide you with either internal or external care, but not both. For instance, a doctor will prescribe medication to a person suffering from acne. Internally, the medicine will work on the issue but there is no external care in terms of exfoliating, nourishing and toning the skin. Our personalized therapies enriched with organic herbs and oils will ensure that you are taken care of from outside as well as inside.