This is our first interaction related to health and I take strength and courage,from the almighty, to be of help to you.
We start with the Hair care. The most talked about.
Whether your hair is too thin, too thick, curly, damaged or frizzy, there is a way to fix it.
So the foremost step to start any regime for your hair is to first understand your hair type and quality.
Hair can be largely of three shapes Straight,
Wavy, Curly. But it is very important to understand the quality of your hair.

DENSITY:- Take a front section of your hair ,pull it to side

  • If you visibly see the scalp it means your hair is thin
  • If you barely see your scalp then your hair is thick
  • If it is somewhere in- between then your hair is medium in density
POROSITY: This means hair’s ability to absorb moisture. To understand put one strand of your hair in water
  • If the hair sinks , it highly porous
  • If it floats it has low porosity
  • If it floats in the middle it means it’s porosity is normal
Highly porous hair are difficult to manage.
So you pls identify your hair type first. when I give you hair care tips it will be easy for you to pick up the right one for your hair type.
Like my hair are wavy, medium dense and normal porous. Let’s see what hair type is yours



From the last post you must have understood your hair type.
Today I will tell you about what is our hair and how to take care of it internally and externally.

Hair is made up by the same protein found in human skin,teeth and nails-Keratin. Hair grows about 1/2” a month and about 6” in a year. Hair grows inside the hair follicles and is living till the time they are inside. So the hair which we see on our head is non living. 80-100 strands of hair fall a day is normal.


  • A balanced diet-compromising vit A,B, calcium,silica, iron and zinc, proteins and essential fatty acids. Bananas,beet root, almonds,walnuts, greens, lemons and Himalayan salt water covers most of the nutrients required for our hair.
  • Relaxation- your hair gets directly effected by nervous tension. Stress put the hair straight to the rest phase- causing it to shed prematurely. Therefore it is important for hair to do the breathing exercises and keep calm.
  • Sleep- Adequate sleep for 8 hours is imperative. During sleep our hair goes through a period of repair and regeneration. Hair looses its lustre and bounce without adequate sleep. Use simple eye pads to have sound sleep.
  • Regular hair care- Nurturing and a regular hair care regime is essential for healthy locks. Like oiling,washing,conditioning and drying.
So when you say I have hair fall then using just a anti hair fall shampoo won’t work. You have to care for your hair internally and externally.

A consistent effort is required to keep our locks healthy.

I’m my next post I will give recipes for different hair problems.



1. MARGOSA OIL :- Weekly application ensures good hair health. It acts as a natural cure for dandruff,rejuvenates a dry scalp and prevents itchiness. It also promotes hair growth. It prevents hair thinning and hair loss. It also helps to battle hair lice.

2. DRY HAIR :-

  • Papaya paste - 1/2 cup
  • Coconut milk - 1/2 cup
  • Rosemary essential oil - 2-3 dashes
  • Egg(optional) -1
  • Fenugreek seeds(soaked overnight)-2 tbsp
Grind a),b),d) and e) in a mixer well . Add rosemary to this paste . Mix well with a spoon . Now apply on the scalp . Keep it for 1hour and then wash with a mild shampoo .
PS :- Apply this paste once a week .

  • Coconut water- 1/2 cup
  • Meethi leaves- 15
  • Neem leaves - 10
  • Curry leaves - 15
  • Amla( fresh/dry) - 4
  • Egg whites (optional) - 2
Grind all the leaves and amla in coconut water. Then add egg whites to it. Mix well. Massage the paste into the scalp and leave for 1 hour. Wash off with a mild shampoo.
PS :- Use atleast once a week.

  • Sprouted methi Dana- 1 cup
  • hung curd - 2 tbsp
  • Tree tea oil - 2 dashes
  • Argan oil - 2 dashes
Grind sprouted methi in mixer. Make a fine paste. Add curd and essential oils and mix well with a spoon. Apply on the scalp and hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap. Keep it for 1 hour and wash with a mild shampoo.
PS :- Use atleast once a week.

*Pls choose above hair recipes according to your hair type. *

In my next post I will give guidelines for premature greying. How to manage it without the chemical hair colour.