Tejal Mehta
Tejal Mehta

Roots caters to its name of going to the crux of any health issue. Mridula took pains to extract the detailed information from me regarding my lifestyle and comfort zone so that she could map out the holistic treatment which I could easily follow inspite of my hectic schedule. She helped me to get back to fitness after a recent health set back. She helped me regain strength through her natural therapies and guided me about how I could get my protiens vitamins etc from my kitchen only from my day to day meal plans. I have completely stopped taking allopathic medicines. As one enters roots one feels a sense of serenity as if we are going back to Mother Nature's room. Though set in a city the clinic provides a tranquilin environment to calm down our senses and become keen to take on the naturopathy journey that Mridula wants us to embark upon. Apart from me my daughter too has taken a liking to take up treatments for detoxification in general to improve her overall health. This speaks volumes about Mridula as it is very difficult to convince the younger generation. Thank you Mridula for introducing us to a very Bhartiya way of living. All the very best to you.

Tejal Mehta Manjushree

Mridulaji ... Just wanted to thank u soooo much ... Done with my satyanarayan pooja yesterday ... and my back co operated with me . This event wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't brought if back in space. can not thank u enough ...

Tejal Mehta Savita

I had frozen shoulder with deep pain number of therapies did not work . finally I landed at Roots . in a few sittings my shoulder was back to normal similarly I keep having muscular pain on my legs and ankle joint pain as well. with a few sittings in Roots . It vanishes so for me Roots Nourish Naturally is a one stop solution to rejuvenate and glow in pink of health. Mridulaji has a healing touch. thank u for being part of my healing.

Tejal Mehta Mansi Soota

Hi Mridulaji, how have you been ? I am glad to inform you that this month, there have been no new breakouts and the skin seems to be getting clear. Bleaching agent of Vit. C cream seems to be working wonders .... this month has been a tremendous month for thr inprovement seen in the scars and acne both. Thanks a lot for making me feel wonderful and confident yet again

Tejal Mehta shraddha jalan

Thank you so much Mridulaji for your efforts and Knowledge which gives the positive results. Due to some cosmetic reaction I was suffering from pigmentation and black patches on my face and neck area. But now I can make out the difference. I have faith that with your treatment anyone can get rid of their any kind of physical problems. One more thing thank you so much for give friendly and homely gesture which can heal 1/2 of the problems automatically...